Daily Dose: No.27 ~ ‘Don’t Drink Your Greens’

The Daily Dose: No.27

~ Dodorium Tremens ~

Welcome to today’s alcohol-free offering of information, inspiration and fun to keep you motivated and moving in the right direction 🙂

Don’t Drink Your Greens


Absinthe, or the mystically-nicknamed Green Fairy, is one of the most alcoholic drinks in the world. By 1910 the French were drinking around 36 million litres of the stuff a year. It then got banned just in time to not completely lose the Second World War, but fortunately for medical professionals and undertakers was made legal again in 2004. Cheers Tinkerbell.

   ~ from the Drunken Dodo Alcoholic Facts FAQ

I guess I regret never having tested absinthe in all my drinking years. Or do I? Who knows. But it’s a great example of how a poison can get so dressed up in myth and misconceptions that it takes on a persona all of its own.

And ‘glamorous’ wouldn’t be too strong a word for it. Unfortunately with drink, the hard facts of what it does to you tends to get brushed under the carpet while the famous people who have used and abused are idolised and placed on pedestals.

People like Amy Winehouse or Jimi Hendrix or Vincent Van Gogh. People like these have left us something beautiful, visually or sonically, sometimes both.

But what about the standard, run of the mill gal or guy who’s downing the stuff on a far too regular basis and suffering the consequences? There’s not much glamorous about that really.

27aAnd here’s the classic sleazy salesman’s pitch, be it alcohol, cars or aftershave he’s selling: you’ll get the girl. And she won’t be wearing much.

In this case, for sure, she’s looking a little off colour, but I can tell you, after a simple Google search, that this evil drink is systematically associated with a buxom, semi-clad winged babe, toying suggestively with an absinthe bottle and looking like she’s gagging for it.

What’s a normal, red-blooded male to do but grab hold of that gratuitous green fairy and down her in one?

Oh dear. I honestly don’t know how I ever managed to never actually come across the stuff on any of my depraved rambles.

And now I’ve vowed not to touch the stuff again. It’s hard not to fall into the trap of the romanticised version. But it’s a cunning trap, and it knows EXACTLY what it’s doing. Hiding the truth. Hoping you’ll stumble. Smiling when you slip.

Never let your guard down. Rationalise, humorise, ironicise, do whatever it takes but do not fall for the charms of the green fairy! (Just admire the artwork!)


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